Sunday, August 16, 2015

EG Marshall talks about the Legal Aid Society of New York!

In recent blog I told you of the story of my 3x GGF Alois Faller, who was the first assistant attorney for the German Legal Aid Society of New York.   If you didn’t know the history of the Legal Aid Society, watch the YouTube video and let EG Marshall tell you the story of its founding!  Around the .45-.55 second mark – EG Marshall speaks about 8 lawyers and one importer, and 3 merchants who started the society.   EG Marshall is talking about my 3x GGF!  Alois Faller was one of 8 lawyers and the importer was Charles Hauselt – the gentleman who donated a plot in Woodlawn Cemetery to our 3xGGM Clara Faller for the burial of her husband in 1882.  (Just to follow the genealogy – Faller marries Haack – Haack marries Halloran – Halloran marries Milani.)  

I was able to locate a book on Amazon, entitled:  Guardian on the Hudson:  The German Society of the City of New York, 1784-1984, (by Klaus Wust, published by The German Society of the City of New York.)  Although there was no mention of Alois Faller, they did mention Charles Hauselt.  He was listed as the former president of the society from 1880-1890.  I have attached a photo of 'The German Society, City of New York,' building located at 13 Broadway from 1869-1909.  This is where Alois would have worked! Equal Justice: the History of The Legal Aid Society, narrated by E.G.Marshall, tells the story of the founding of The Legal Aid Society in 1876 as the first organization in the country to offer free legal services to poor German immigrants. It traces the growth of The Legal Aid Society through the decades as services were extended to all New Yorkers in need of legal services and outlines the support the organization received from prominent figures such as Theodore Roosevelt, first as the New York City Police Commissioner and continued to his years as President of the United States and Charles Evans Hughes, a United States Supreme Court Justice, Governor of New York, and founder and partner of Hughes, Hubbard & Reed LLP. As New York City grew, so too did The Legal Aid Society and the scope of its work to include quality comprehensive representation in three major areas: Civil, Criminal and Juvenile Rights through individual representation and law reform advocacy.

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