Sunday, May 21, 2017

Who was my Wife?

by Jack Milani

Who was my Wife?

My wife was a lot of things.

She was that person with whom I have shared life so intimately.

She was someone with whom I could have meaningful communication.

A lively conversation where both of us try to get in our next point.

Or better than that - a silent conversation that will last for an hour or so.

Or sometimes that certain look, her clearing her throat or a squeeze of my hand provided me with complete communication.

She was a person who had much to say about everything and she had to be right part of the time.

But she knew so much about everything that she was actually right most of the time.

She held the whole family together while I was off in the war.

I always dreaded being away from for even a few days and was in agony when I had to be away from her for years.

She was a master of disciplining the children with those six little words, “Wait until your father gets home."
She was an antidote for this tired husband's headache giving aspirin and a relaxing neck rub.

And I know she probably would appreciate the same medicine in return when she had a headache.

She was that loving person who applied her first aid kiss and a bandage for skin knees.

She was someone who served food and water to the family pet that everyone else promised to care for.

She was the most connected person I knew with such tools as an iphone, Ipad, Laptop and a Desktop.  And she had more passwords than a Russian KGB agent.

She also did most of the family gift shopping. And was someone who made sure everyone received a birthday or anniversary card, including her mother-in-law.

My wife always stretched what little money we had by picking coupons and searching for bargains before she went shopping.

She was a gal who loved to go out to dinners.

But as a general rule only ate about the half of what she ordered and would take the rest home.

She was the one who got everything and everybody ready for the trip while I sat in the car wondering - why is she so slow?

She's was so tender, she would cry over practically nothing.

And yet she was tough enough to pull me through when it seemed the whole world had fallen around me.

She's been there to help me regain my confidence when a job or a promotion didn't come through.

She's also that wonderful person that will laugh at my jokes even thought she has heard them three, well maybe 30 times before.

She was the queen in our castle and in my life.  Her royal duties included things like changing diapers, cooking and cleaning driving kids to music lessons and attending every kind of sporting event you can think of.

She was a teacher, a doctor, a chef, family banker, family chauffeur, a coach and a lover.

She as a devout Catholic who loved to be a Eucharistic Minister, as well as making sure I always went to confession.

My wife was that mighty oak that grew at my side.

Together we bent and adjusted to what the winds of life have brought us.

Had we been unwilling to change and adapt we probably would have snapped and broken in a storm a long time ago.

And my wife is that rare beauty that's accented best by little lines around the corner of her eyes and her lips turned up in a smile.

So, who was my wife?

Well, she was simply a gift from God.


  1. Beautifully said, we will all miss Nancy!

  2. Love the wit Jack as much as I loved the two of you! The queen of the castle will be missed... always!

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  4. Beautifully stated Uncle Jack...